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Twenty-five years ago most of us couldn’t have imagined how the internet would transform society by providing a world’s worth of knowledge to any connected computer. 

Similarly ten years ago most of us weren’t able to imagine how the “shared economy” would transform and improve society. Uber, AirBnB, WeWork, Lyft showed that sharing resources was mor efficient that hoarding resources.

Today many experts predict that the changes that will be brought by “blockchain” enabled businesses will create even more profound changes as to how we live, work and play by spreading out information rather than concentrating it. The Florida Blockchain Foundation is your on-ramp to this exciting new distributed world.

Financial institutions, civic governments and entrenched infrastructures often use archaic methods to service our societal needs.  There is a better way.

Blockchain technology has already disrupted countless industries for the better, opening a new world of possibility to consumers in banking, providing simpler ways to transfer funds, funding new ventures that benefit consumers, and making our communities more transparent.  It’s time we leverage this underlying technology for the betterment of society as a whole, unleashing the potential of residents in partnership with government. 

As a first step, we are introducing the Florida Blockchain Foundation with a threefold mission in place to:  

EDUCATE the public and our youth about the benefits of implementing blockchain technology through the creation of solid educational programming; both online and in Florida classrooms.

ADVOCATE by collaborating with other blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations throughout the state to serve as a strong voice of the community.

PROMOTE Florida as a new global hub for blockchain and cryptocurrency whose community members appreciate our ties to Latin America, the absence of state income tax and year round sunshine.





As the third-most populous state in the United States and fourth-largest economy with upwards of $950 billion in GDP, Florida plays an important role in the national conversation.  But for too long the state has been known merely for tourism, agriculture and real estate.  

Isn’t it time it leads in other areas?

The Florida economy will benefit tremendously by attracting cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and the exponential-growth companies they create.  It stands poised to be a digital hub for the industry of the future, which will create high-paying jobs, increase the tax base and ultimately foster a more equitable economic landscape for all.






OUR Partners,donors and sponsors





foundation committees



Legislative – advocate at the local and state levels to enhance a crypto-friendly environment.  This includes promoting the passing of sensible legislation that would spur job creation and incite favorable legal frameworks.


Educational – the youth in our society are what will ultimately create a brighter future for all.  FBF aims to educate children at an early age, helping to train coders, programmers, technologists and blockchain thinkers.




Entrepreneurial – an important element of our mission is to spark ambitious projects locally that can scale globally.  Florida is home to some of the world’s most entrepreneurial talent, and we’ll aim to foster that with our committee. Blockchain technology opens up an ocean of new entrepreneurial opportunities to bring new business models to life.


Investor – even the brightest entrepreneur can’t scale without funding.  That has long been an insurmountable challenge outside of traditional monetary centers such as Silicon Valley and New York.  Blockchain can solve this quandary in our backyard, and our committee will take a concerted approach to facilitate this.




Marketing – ultimately, none of our efforts will succeed if we don’t get the word out.  Our marketing committee will harness the distinct skills of public relations professionals, social media mavens, digital marketing experts and event producers to educate the world about Florida’s benefits that go beyond sunny beaches and nightlife.


Tech – even the brightest entrepreneur can’t scale without funding.  That has long been an insurmountable challenge outside of traditional monetary centers such as Silicon Valley and New York.  Blockchain can solve this quandary in our backyard, and our committee will take a concerted approach to facilitate this.




Cybersecurity – our current technology changes at a rate most businesses can’t keep pace with, this lag introduces risk into any organization’s business operations. Our committee insists is overseeing programs and issue areas in cybersecurity and infrastructure protection with the revolutionizing blockchain technology.


Womens’ – encouraging leaders to learn and get involved with blockchain to help shape the direction of this emerging technology.  Our committee strives to introduce more women to blockchain technology through networking and educational events such as conferences, hackathons, meet-ups, and work opportunities.



our values


I. We believe that distributed ledger technology will allow people and companies to establish new protocols on how to exchange and protect their data.

II. We believe that through this collaborative network we will create economic growth with a more efficient and equitable ecosystem.

III. We believe in open-sourced societies, and therefore invite developers to work with our underlying protocol to build applications that will enhance our efforts.

IV. We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people, and therefore their right to keep their savings, or spend their money, anywhere in the world

V. We believe in total transparency and that entrenched institutions are inherently closed environments, increasing the risk of fraud. 

VI. We believe that waste, in any form or fashion, is unacceptable and that the State of Florida should operate with the highest levels of efficiency possible.

VII. We believe that legacy currencies are poorly conceived, benefit large institutions and are not inclusive for unbanked people of low socio-economic status.

VIII. We believe that every human has financial rights which should not be impeded, but rather be enhanced, by governments, regulators and financial institutions.






join our foundation


Whether or not you live in Florida, we are all interested in having the benefits of blockchain take hold in the United States and ensuring governments are on board as partners in our collective efforts.

As a member of the Florida Blockchain Foundation you will be able to:

  • Attend local events hosted by the Florida Blockchain Foundation to network with other members and donors

  • Widen your network to include community members from other major Florida Chapters

  • Receive access to exclusive special offers and discounts on partner events and products

  • Participate in the annual planning process for our advocacy efforts and education programs during monthly meetings known as Foundation organized by Chapters, and sector.

  • Learn about blockchain related volunteer opportunities in your local community and access to advisory for technology implementation

  • Help position Florida as a global blockchain and cryptocurrency hub and promote digital jobs.

Our Membership Options start at $9/month for individuals but sky is the limit to support our effort to make Florida the leading state in digital transformation for the 21st century.

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We offer two levels of suggested donation for Corporation as a Privileged or White glove member that give access to exclusive events and personal introductions to other members.


Privilege membership - $5,000

Platinum membership - $10,000

Please contact us for more robust partnerships or to discuss a potential alliance matthieu@floridablockchainfoundation.org



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